Wincity - Real Estate Fantasy NFT Token Immobilier

all documents attesting tothe legality of the wincity companyare availableon our networks.

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History chest

Just like the history collection, it is our chest that takes care of the distribution of your card: when you buy it, you don't know what type of card you will find. When you open the chest, you will discover its rarity level and its visual.

Don't worry, no matter what type of scarcity you come across, the real estate value does not move. Rarity will essentially affect your performance in our play to earn.

What's new

... cards available

Find and collect your favourite properties on our marketplace. For each property, 1111 cards are available with 4 levels of rarity: Regular, Rare, Mythic and Unique.

Investment in securities, like any other form of investment, involves risks.

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