Wincity - Real Estate Fantasy NFT Token Immobilier

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your cards,
multiply your profits!


Our approach is
Just like in real
estate, take advantage of
a mortgage system.

We know the value of our cards and we have
great confidence in the assets we offer.
This allows us to offer you the possibility tocollateralize
your Wincity NFTs on our platform.

As a result of this collateralization, Wincity pays you 70%
of your card amount in exchange for 3% interest.

During this time, you continue to receive the initial
earnings from your card.

in 5 steps

It's up
to you.

Feel free to make
other types
of investments with
the borrowed money!


How do I get my card back and sell it?

What happens if I don't pay the interest?

What are the risks?

When will this feature
be available?

We are technically ready to establish it, however,
as a French company, we must have the agreement of the AMF
via a PSAN approval that we are currently setting up.