Wincity - Real Estate Fantasy NFT Token Immobilier


What are the advantages of owning a card from the first collection (Paris Grande Chaumière)?

How can I buy a card?

How initial card prices are defined?

How are transfered earnings?

What happen if all cards are not sold?

What is the whitelist?

How do I get on the whitelist?

How does Wincity pay for itself?

What is the advantage of buying a card with a higher rarity?

How is the Annual Percentage Rate calculated?

How is Safety calculated?

What's the Wincity indice?

What is an NFT?

What are the different rarity levels of the cards?

What percentage of the amount does each card level correspond to?

Is it better to buy several Regular cards or one Rare card?

Do the cards give the holder any rights to make decisions about the property?

Are there similar solutions?

How are the types of goods chosen?

What happens if the asset has works?

What is the difference between Wincity and a tokenized property?

What happens if an accident happens to the asset?

Do I have access to the lease agreement of the property?

Will this be properties on the blockchain?

What are the possible gains?

What is the difference with a traditional property crowdfunding?

When do I get the money from Win Capital?

Can I get my stake back whenever I want or do I have to wait a minimum amount of time?

What guarantees do you have to get back my incomes?

Is it difficult to resell your card?

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