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the most beautiful
and enter
the history

The History cards

3333 Cards with a new and exclusive design
to collect the emblematic monuments
of France and benefit from new advantages:

The History card allows you to participate in the governance of Wincity.
One card in your possession = one vote! With this card, you can participate in the decision-making process
at Wincity by voting, for example, for the city where the next purchase will take place, by helping to choose the new properties :
Each card you acquire will give you more and more power by interacting with the community!
All History cards will have a role in the future Wincity game.
They will be a major condition to lead you to victory.
The allocation of a card is random. Randomness will decide the level of rarity of your History card:
Regular, Rare, Mythic, Unique and its visual, more or less rare.
So which one will you get?
This card offers you the privilege of being invited to all Wincity events. No matter the city, no matter the property,
even if you don't have the card for the property in question, one History card
will open all the doors for you.

Purchase your History cards

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History chest

Whether you are already an investor
in our properties or not,
you can buy as much as you want
according to availability.

The allocation of the card is done in the form of a chest: at the time of purchase, you don't yet know which card you will find. It is randomly, by opening the chest, that you will discover your card with its level of rarity and its visual.

If you are the owner of one of the first properties, a history card is offered to you to thank you
for your loyalty. You will receive a notification directly on your account.
The number of NFTs offered depends on the level of rarity of the cards you own.

Special cards



chance of
a card




chance of
a card




chance of
a card


Hot air balloon


chance of
a card


In addition to the Regular, Rare, Mythic and Unique rarity system, the assets around the monuments are also rare.

And the more of them there are, the more valuable the NFT becomes.

All 3333 History cards are unique except for some
Regular ones.

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